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"Solitary Company is an aural chiaroscuro, bathed in shadow and light. Lyrical silhouettes give way to vivid vignettes haunted by magnetic melodies."—COACHELLA VALLEY WEEKLY, ELENI P. Austin (US) — [3/11/21]


"The use of Irish folk, baroque rock and desert Americana only serve to further separate this from anything else you’ve heard before.” —TAKE EFFECT, Tom Haugen (US) — [1/22/21]


"Their finest record yet - an album of the year"—FOLKRADIO UK, Mike Davis (UK) — [2/22/21]


"Grizzled, aching and enigmatically poetic Folk Rock!”—THE ROCKING MAGPIE, Alan Harrison (UK) — [3/22/21]

"I’m guessing you’ve got to turn into dust out there in the desert and Solitary Company is the opposite of all that as this record breathes life into all who hear it."—DAGGER ZINE , Tim Hinely (US)— [3/22/2021]


"If you analyze it and, as it were, pin it wriggling to the wall, you lose it. The images land in that part of your mind which opens up new pathways and insights, only almost touchable.” —FOLKING.COM, Mike Wistow (UK)— [2/25/2021]


"There’s substance, originality, & cleverness at work here. I admire how these people take something that already exists traditionally & reinterpret it with their own ingredients to create something truly effective that resonates. This record is straight whiskey. Tom Waits would be proud."—AMERICANA HIGHWAYS, John Apice (US)— [3/9/2021]


"There has always been a cinematic aspect to the music of SOTVR and never more so than on SOLITARY COMPANY. With lyrical content that enhances the mystery behind the songs, this striking album will particularly appeal to fans of Howe Gelb and Bonnie Prince Billy." — LONESOME HIGHWAY, Declan Culliton (IRL)— [1/27/2021]


“European sense of faded grandeur in a gothic American landscape with hints of The Walkabouts and The Handsome Family allied to visions of David Lynch movies.” —BLABBER'N' SMOKE, Paul Kerr (UK) — [03/26/21]

"...bewitching album!" —ROCK'N'ROLL TRUTH, Robert Kinsler (US)— [3/24/2021]


"Georg’s voice is frail and fractured in a way that is completely natural and appropriately neat."—DISCIPLES OF SOUND, Ray Chelstowski (US)— [1/30/2021]


"... rustic evocations of space, spectral visions and cosmic questioning; there’s a sense of time suspended.” —PASADENA WEEKLY, Bliss Bowen (US)— [3/18/2021]

"... a mature zone of eclectic bliss." —THE ALTERNATE ROOT, Danny McCloskey (US)— [3/27/2021]

"The low-density backing sound means Altziebler’s bone-dry, brittle voice doesn’t get pushed out the spotlight, which is a good thing, considering the number of powerful, sharp-edged observations – social and emotional – and word-plays you’d be missing otherwise."—AMERICANA UK, Alasdair Fotheringham (UK)— [3/25/2021]

"A spectral haze lingers over each of these songs, emphasizing the fact that these melodies are destined to linger long after the final notes fade away.”—GOLDMINE, Lee Zimmerman (US) — [4/03/21]

"Another engrossing dive into the dusty back roads of their adoptive country.” —ROCK'N'REEL MAGAZINE, Simon Rowland (UK)— [3/18/2021]


"Son of the Velvet Rat haben mittlerweile eine Stufe von Erhabenheit erreicht, die mich an die Bilder von Edward Hopper denken lässt. Darf man sowas metaphysischen Realismus nennen? Keine Ahnung. Großes Album."—RADIO FM4 (A), Fritz Ostermayer— [3/2021]


"Manche Zeitgenossen sind so gut, dass man sich fast schon zu sehr daran gewöhnt hat.“—DER FALTER (A) Sebastian Fasthuber

— [3/2021]


“Mit When the lights go down ist Altziebler wieder einer dieser richtig großen Songs gelungen, die als Tränendrücker noch in der finstersten aller Nächte eine Lichtquelle finden.” —WIENER ZEITUNG, Andreas Rauschal (A) — [03/2021]

Die Kunst von Son of the Velvet Rat taugt nicht zur Vermessung der Gegenwart. Sie erhebt sich von jeher über die Zeit, weil sie das Grundsätzliche auslotet.” —SALZBURGER NACHRICHTEN, Bernhard Flieher (A) — [04/2021]

"Musik, die zwar keinen Trost verspricht, ihn aber dennoch spendet.“ KLEINE ZEITUNG, (A) Bernd Melichar— [3/2021]

"Mit einer so wunderbar schimmernden und sich mit unerschütterlicher Ruhe durch die Zeit bewegenden Gesellschaft wie diesem Album, diesen Liedern, verliert jede Einsamkeit ihren Schrecken.“—THE GAP (A) Rainer Krispel— [3/2021]


"Dorado rides through the dusty California desert with haunting folk noir melodies"—PASTE MAGAZINE, Paul Corso (US) — [1/28/16]


"Mesmerizing!" —MAGNET MAGAZINE (US) — [1/28/16]

Full article 


"One of the most wonderfully personal, beautiful and difficult albums I've ever heard."—FATEA, Rudie Humphrey (GB) — [2/16/17] Full article 


"The slow burn noir-folk of this Austrian group feels like reading a great short story. Son of the Velvet Rat stokes the lurking passion that I have for voices with almost superhuman amounts of character. Altziebler's voice takes lead, sounding like a cross between Dylan, Tom Waits, and a dry lakebed. This is a voice that takes on the cadence and the patient proselytizing of folks like Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Lambchop, Townes Van Zandt, Waits, and even Joni Mitchell, at times (as on "Blood Red Shoes").—WEEKLY VOLCANO, Rev. Adam McKinney — [10/11/18]

"Dorado is a dark trip into the American psyche.” —BLABBER'N'SMOKE, Paul Kerr­­ (Glasgow)—[3/21/2017] Full article


"DORADO showcases superlative songwriting talents. Georg Altziebler and Heike Binder have created a work of sprawling, melancholy beauty."—NORTHERN SKY MAGAZINE (GB), Liam Wilkinson —[3/7/2017] Full article


"A strange, dark intriguing album throughout - destined to keep you on tenterhooks until the end."—ACOUSTIC MAGAZINE, Julian Piper (GB) —[3/8/2017]


“These ten songs roll on and on like time and space don’t mean a thing, gripping even with slow tempos and weary bones. “None of us are free/ I’m not without you/ You’re not without me/ That’s what love must be,” one song goes; it’s a treacherous entanglement, and they make it sound sad and comforting at the same time.” —Josh Hurst—[02/24/17] Full article

"The bottom line here is that these folks are excellent songwriters and with the backing band (and their own musical talents) Dorado is the kind of Grade A music that doesn’t come along very often so soak it all in when it does."—DAGGER ZINE  (US)— [3/6/2017] Full article


"Dorado contains songs that will slowly but surely crawl under the skin. Austria, twelve points!" —MUSIC THAT NEEDS ATTENTION, Theo Volk (NL)— [3/12/2017] Full article


"Haunting and soulful"—FOLKRADIO UK, Mike Davies— [2/17/2017] Full article


"Dorado is truly the first great album of 2017." —COACHELLA VALLEY WEEKLY, Eleni P. Austin— [2/1/2017] Full article

"...charged with emotion and primed to deliver a heady mix of haunting lyrics, smooth-as-silk melodies, aching vocals and poetry." —FOLKWORDS, Tom Franks (GB)— [1/17/2017] Full article

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