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Label - Fluff and Gravy Records, John Shepski

John [at] fluffandgravy [dot] com

Management / Booking US - Heike Binder

sonofthevelvetrat [at] gmail [dot] com

Booking Europe - Mule Lord, Peter Nachtnebel

mulelord [at] mulelord [dot] com

PR Austria - Voller Sound, Andreas Voller

andreas [at] vollersound [dot] com

PR Europe - Hemifrån, Peter Holmstead

peter [at] hemifran [dot] com


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By becoming a patron you will have exclusive access to one live-video performance a month, or "Cover Series", downloads of unreleased material, demos, work-in-progress mp3s, handwritten lyrics, signed set-lists, and other various finds and snippets that seem to be significant for the creative process.

Some tiers on our Patreon page will include your name on the guest-list or a back stage pass for your hometown-show, 20% off on merch, art-in-the-mail, or even a songwriting-session, for those of you who are trying their hand at creating music.

You want to know more about PATREON? Read this FAZ-article (in German though).


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