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Sonderpreis von 7.-€ nur gültig in Verbindung mit der Bestellung eines anderen Tonträgers und limitiert auf eine CD.


“The Late Show” is a souvenir from their extensive 2017 tour, in support of Dorado. The tracks were recorded at  two venues, the Rhiz in Vienna, Austria and Scheune in Wredenhagen, Germany.

The 11-song album features songs from “Dorado” but also reaches back to previous, including Animals, Firedancer and Red Chamber Music. “Another Glass Of Champagne” revisits an older riff and adds new lyrics. The ambiance is passionate, sweat-soaked and electric. Georg and Heike’s cinematic sound is augmented by Dominik Krejan on Fender Rhodes and backing vocals. Drum duties are split between Muck Willmann and Felix Krüger. Highlights include a haunting version of “Sweet Angela” the brooding “Copper Hill”, the pulsing Psychedelia of “Surfer Joe” and the world-weary ache of “Franklin Avenue”.

The Late Show, CD, Live Record

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  • 1. Little Flower, 2. Copper Hill, 3. Surfer Joe, 4. Moment of Fame, 5. Lovesong No 9, 6. Do you love me, 7. Friends with God, 8. Sweet Angela, 9. Another Glass of Champagne, 10.Franklin Avenue, 11. Carry on

  • Live Record, CD

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